Sunday Morning Pretzel Baking

A friend is hosting a World Cup Finals/Housewarming party. She asked if we could make anything German; we immediately decided pretzels. We use Alton Brown’s recipe and only make a few changes.

1. We never have Kosher salt or pretzel salt, so we just use sea salt. Unfortunately we only had fine salt for on top, but it still tastes good.
2. We doubled the recipe.
3. We found the pretzels to be too big and poofy when the dough was split into 8, so we split the second half into 12.
4. Finally, a tip. Try to let the water cool before adding more baking soda. If not, the pot may boil over and make a crazy mess. 20140713-075656-28616218.jpg





We also did a few with a mix of cinnamon, brown sugar, and salt.



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