High neck turned halter turned possible strapless maxi

Our good friends Evan and Liz visited last week. While I loved having them here to hang out, I also loved that Liz wanted to visit the fabric district with me. I spent $20, and I came home with a pile full of knits and some neon coral lace. Other than a simple scarf, my first project was a black and white striped maxi for me.

The problem with me sewing, is that I like to make things I don’t have, so that results in a lot of trial and error. On this dress, I made the chest tighter than desired. I thought a high necked dress was what I wanted, but after trying it on half way through, I decided to go with halter. I still don’t love how it lays, so I may switch to strapless. There is extra elastic and material hidden inside currently, so the switch shouldn’t be too bad. I also should have made the waist tighter, but overall I’m pleased with the general look!


Chris took this action shot, and I decided that I liked it because my back looks strong. šŸ™‚

I think I will use a plain black tie if I leave it a halter. Finally, I’m considering making it a high-low hem. Please share your thoughts on the hem and neckline to help with my indecision! To thank you for reading, here is a cute picture of Clara.



5 thoughts on “High neck turned halter turned possible strapless maxi

  1. Here is my suggestion, use black cording for the halter, or silver chain with a hook into the chain. For belt, make a black elastic one with silver clasps you can find at Joann’s- that could cinch the waist differently. A chain for a belt is another idea. Or, If the waist is elastic threaded through a casing you could instead attach a wider elastic inside to the fabric to draw in your fabric differently inside the dress. Decades ago that technique was taught by stretch and sew classes designed to teach sewing on the “new” knit fabrics. I would keep the hemline long. I think you could wear the dress more often. I think it would be easier to keep it a halter. With the stripes I think it softens the look differently than removing the halter would. Just my thoughts.

  2. I like it as a halter. Also, your back and arms look great in it. You look like you are still doing gymnastics everyday šŸ™‚ I would say keep the hem as is. I know the high low look is in, but that dress is simple and perfect for summer. It also will stay in place better than a high low hem if a gust of wind comes along.

    I hope all is well. Your family is beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! They don’t show up on my phone, so I didn’t realize they were there. The hem is staying, but I’ve still been to lazy to make a new strap and adjust the top slightly. šŸ™‚

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