Maxi skirt (or maxi dress)!

I had my first success making a yoga waist band maxi skirt today. A friend from church reinspired me to give it a try. She is a much better seamstress than me, and I was excited to have her over and pick her brain on Monday.

I wanted a gathered skirt that wasn’t too clingy through the hips. As an added bonus, I realized that it looks cute as a dress! These are not the best pictures, but it gives you a general idea. I did not have fun hemming this skirt; stripes make hemming so much easier!






High neck turned halter turned possible strapless maxi

Our good friends Evan and Liz visited last week. While I loved having them here to hang out, I also loved that Liz wanted to visit the fabric district with me. I spent $20, and I came home with a pile full of knits and some neon coral lace. Other than a simple scarf, my first project was a black and white striped maxi for me.

The problem with me sewing, is that I like to make things I don’t have, so that results in a lot of trial and error. On this dress, I made the chest tighter than desired. I thought a high necked dress was what I wanted, but after trying it on half way through, I decided to go with halter. I still don’t love how it lays, so I may switch to strapless. There is extra elastic and material hidden inside currently, so the switch shouldn’t be too bad. I also should have made the waist tighter, but overall I’m pleased with the general look!


Chris took this action shot, and I decided that I liked it because my back looks strong. 🙂

I think I will use a plain black tie if I leave it a halter. Finally, I’m considering making it a high-low hem. Please share your thoughts on the hem and neckline to help with my indecision! To thank you for reading, here is a cute picture of Clara.