My Easter Skirt

I had a little over a yard of fabric left after making Clara’s dress and a yellow invisible zipper I didn’t use, so I decided to make myself a skirt to match her. I knew I wanted roughly knee length and pleats, and this is what I ended up with. I should have lined the skirt and planned the pleats better, but I’m pretty satisfied for a 1.5 nap time skirt with no real direction. I even got the zipper on the first try.






I finally feel more confident with waist bands and zippers! This is only the second zipper requiring article of clothing I’ve made. Last time I made a skirt, then cut a slit and installed a zipper. Any sewer can tell you this is hilarious, but it sufficed. This time I learned to make the back panel 2 sections and install the zipper in between. I also improved my other waistband by making the top of the waistband smaller than the bottom so it lays flat. Sorry that I don’t take the time to document as I go to help others figure these things out!

I’ll try to add a family picture after Easter.


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