Clara’s Easter dress

I made Clara one version of an Easter dress without a pattern or anything to base it on. I liked the idea, but not the fit!



Chris called the first dress a Jetson’s dress. I definitely had not intended the “cap-sleeves,” super tight waist, and chest that couldn’t even touch in the back so my button holes were useless and a snap at the top was my best case scenario. Is an open back dress not age appropriate?


Now I made version 2.5; actually version 2.5 I guess because I was concerned that the top would still be small so I sewed in extender inserts under the arm holes. I was able to salvage the skirt and front material of the top, so it wasn’t too wasteful. I erred on the side of caution making it big rather than small this time. I found a top to trace and gauge size, so that was helpful. I unfortunately thought I was putting in buttons like the dress I was looking at. I was wrong and these buttons are off-center. In the end, I like it though! Clara got to help pick out buttons and she loves the dress! It is big enough now that she’ll be able to wear it for a year, rather than for Easter possibly if she didn’t eat too much breakfast. 🙂 I still have leftover material. What do you think about a matching skirt for me?




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