Jesus is Risen!

Here are a few highlights and pictures to recap our Easter celebrations! 1. Dye Easter eggs using a whisk. Go put water in a cup, set an egg inside, and push a whisk down onto it. You’ll be amazed! 2. 2 year olds love matching their moms. 3. Jesus is risen! (Thanks Pinterest for the Easter bunny poem.) 4. Brazilian chocolate is yummy.













Very unorthodox, but very yummy tacos

Chris had his first day of Step 3 yesterday, so I decided that my no meat plan for dinner was not going to cut it. The ingredients I had on hand were ground turkey, fresh pineapple, black beans, an onion and zucchini. I decided on super-unorthodox tacos. I diced and sautéed the zucchini and onion with some minced garlic, salt, pepper and cayenne. I cooked the meat and stirred in diced pineapple, black beans, salsa, and cilantro. After I added the veggie mixture, this is what it looked like. Delicious right?

We ate the mixture in tortillas with tomatoes, cheese, and plain Greek yogurt. I almost forgot, that Chris also added diced hard boiled eggs; he likes them on all tacos and we had plenty after our Easter egg party! It was a pretty yummy last minute dinner!

My Easter Skirt

I had a little over a yard of fabric left after making Clara’s dress and a yellow invisible zipper I didn’t use, so I decided to make myself a skirt to match her. I knew I wanted roughly knee length and pleats, and this is what I ended up with. I should have lined the skirt and planned the pleats better, but I’m pretty satisfied for a 1.5 nap time skirt with no real direction. I even got the zipper on the first try.






I finally feel more confident with waist bands and zippers! This is only the second zipper requiring article of clothing I’ve made. Last time I made a skirt, then cut a slit and installed a zipper. Any sewer can tell you this is hilarious, but it sufficed. This time I learned to make the back panel 2 sections and install the zipper in between. I also improved my other waistband by making the top of the waistband smaller than the bottom so it lays flat. Sorry that I don’t take the time to document as I go to help others figure these things out!

I’ll try to add a family picture after Easter.