MLK Weekend

Although Chris had overnight call on Saturday and got very little rest, we were able to have a very nice weekend.

On Friday, our friend, Sherry, came over for dinner and to hang out. We had chicken finger and eggplant Parmesan over noodles. Yummy comfort food.

On Saturday, we went to the Y. I’ve been doing a cardio ballet class, and it’s a good change of pace for my workouts. Chris lifted, and Clara played in child care. Thankfully she has a lot of fun there most days. We spent the rest of the day pretty low key. We dropped Chris off at work at 5, then Clara and I went for a drive. First we drove up into Bel-Air and took in the nice houses and gorgeous views. Then we drove Sunset Blvd most of the way to the ocean, followed the PCH through Santa Monica, and made a stop at JoAnns on our way home. I spent too much on fabric, and Clara wanted every piece if fabric with a monkey or Elmo. Oh dear.


Oops, I forgot that we went to the Aquarium with some friends on Friday morning. Clara hugged the penguin statues again.



Although Chris didn’t get any sleep Saturday night, we went on a whale watching cruise on Sunday. We saw lots of sea lions, a minky whale, a larger whale, and most excitingly- 400 dolphins!





On Monday, we went to Will Rogers Stare Historic Park for our first family hike! Chris has the nice pictures, but here is Chris and Clara testing out the new carrier.



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