Klepser Cranberry Substitute

Until a few years ago, I had never eaten cranberries or cranberry sauce. I now enjoy fresh cranberry sauce, but I can’t say the canned version is very appetizing! Growing up, cranberries were not part of our daily or Thanksgiving meals. Our Thanksgiving (and birthday) staple is this super-simple, kid-friendly cranberry substitute: fancy cherry jello. Everyone I have fed this to loves it, even if they’re like me who likes neither cherries nor jello!

Klepser Cherry Jello


1 large can of cherry pie filling
1 large box of cherry jello
2 cups boiling water

Directions: (makes roughly 8 servings)
Place the gelatin in desired container. (We always use a casserole dish. Fancy, right?) Stir in the boiling water, stirring for 2 minutes to thoroughly dissolve the jello mix. (Let this cool for a few minutes minimize separation of the pie filling.) Stir in the cherry pie filling. Refrigerate until set. (I make it the night before.)



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