Pasadena Sunday

Chris was supposed to work on Sunday, but thankfully another intern came on and took his shift! We were very glad to have a nice fall family day. Unfortunately, it was 95 inland where we spent the day. The Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena had a fall festival, so we went to check it out. The festival was a bit more carnivally than we prefer and than Clara can enjoy, so we spent most of our time in the museum. After paying our half-price admission, I realized my membership from the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum might let us get in free. It did! Most of the museum was outdoors. This is definitely not something you see in Michigan. I was okay with outdoors, but less okay with everything involving water. It was hard to keep Clara dry since we hadn’t planned for the water! It was not one of my favorite children’s museums, but it was still a different, free way to spend our time together.




Sorry, I didn’t get many good pictures. Since we were all hot after being outside in 95 degree temperatures, a salad sounded satisfying. I saw Pasadena had a Tender Greens, so we went to see if it lived up to the long lines we’ve grown accustomed to seeing there; it didn’t. At least not for us. We probably could have ordered better, but nothing was impressive and I could have made 2 trips to Lemonade for my $30 spent there. I won’t plan to go back, but hopefully I’ll be more impressed if I do.




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