Bella Pita

I had to run a few errands in Westwood today, so I decided to make a morning of it. (Mainly because I’m aware of the ramp with 2 free hours of parking on Broxton.) After we accomplished our errands on campus, we had lunch at Bella Pita and walked through the farmers market. Lunch was awesome!

Bella Pita is located on Gayley, between Weyburn and Le Conte. It is a small restaurant with only 2 tall chairs looking out the window. Even with this added challenge for eating with Clara, I will go back. They have pitas and wowshis mainly. I got a chicken wowshi. It was a pita with chicken and herbs baked inside of it. They had a topping bar, complete with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, lots of sauces, etc to add to your pita or wowshi. I also had an order of fries. They were made fresh for me, and I enjoyed them thoroughly. I had never eaten a wowshi, but I will definitely eat one again! I felt bad for everyone eating at In and Out Burger just up the road because I know my lunch was much more delicious!

All of that food was for $8!

It was also my first time going to the Westwood Farmers Market, which is Thursdays from noon-5. There was some really good looking produce, but also a lot of food stands. There were no baked goods unfortunately, which would have made a lovely dessert.



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