Lucy’s post-ED trip to the American Girl Store

Clara loves Lucy and takes her all over. She also sleeps with her, so Sunday night, Lucy and her pjs also got covered in blood. Chris had the thoughtful idea to take Clara to the American Girl store to find Lucy new pjs. (The bloody ones are also full of holes because Clara wouldn’t let her wear anything else for 8 months!) We had a wonderful time at the store, but Clara talked us into a carseat instead. I guess Lucy will just be down a pair of pajamas for a while. Here is a photo journey of Lucy’s trip.

In front of the store.

Trying out the crib.

Sharing the crib with a friend.

Lucy on the potty.

Lucy having a snack. (Clara really wanted this too, but Lucy can just sit in Clara’s extra seat.)

Lucy in her carseat, which we ended up buying.

A break for stickers.

Lucy at school. (I wanted to get that outfit for Nora and Lucy.)

Happy Clara with the new seat.

Lucy’s car ride home!


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