Kenneth-Hahn State Recreation Area and ED

We suggest that you check out Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (KHSRA)! It is located off of La Cienega in Baldwin Hills, about 15 minutes away from us. We had a friend lined up to watch Clara yesterday so that we could hike, but after her fever on Saturday, we didn’t want to be gone too long. We opted for KHSRA rather than a real hike, so we could only be gone about 2 hours. Clara and Laura had a great time and we could have left for a whole day and she wouldn’t have known, but we really enjoyed our trip. It cost us $6 to enter the park, but I think that’s just weekends and holidays. It was packed, but we were still able to find some more secluded areas on top of the large hill with a wonderful view of LA. (The pictures don’t do it justice.). The park has 4 playgrounds, a fishing lake, and quite a few BBQ areas among other things! Who wants to schedule a play date there? One playground looks like a castle. We can picnic, or stop by Westfield Mall on our way home for lunch.

For Chris’s mom.


Our attempt at a panoramic shot.




Chris was practicing parkour for me, so I had to show him up.



After the park we took dinner to Pete, and got home around 9.

Shortly after putting a tired Clara to bed, we heard a thud and a cry. She decided to come out, but apparently tripped and fell into a corner of the wall in her bedroom. We opened the door to a bloody faced Little girl. 😦 Instead of sleeping, we went to the ED for some skin glue. Thank goodness we have no copays! She’s doing well today, but says ouch when she touches her forehead on something.

FYI, she’s saying cheese, not crying.


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