Copenhagen Pastry

This morning Clara and I had to go to Target because we were down to a few diapers, and it was clear that we wouldn’t make it until the Amazon shipment arrives. While we were out, I decided to check out a recommendation from my friend Nicole, Copenhagen Pastry. It is a Danish pastry shop on Washington Blvd, near Sepulveda. Every time I think to go it’s in the evening and they’re closed; not today. It is a cute shop, and they have a tiny parking lot too. There is no place to sit inside however, and there is a $5 minimum for credit cards. Thankfully, they were flexible on that today since I used my cash buying UCLA vs Cal football tickets and at the SM food truck lot yesterday. Now that we’ve covered the basics, here is what you really care about. Copenhagen Pastry has a relatively limited selection of pastries, but everything looked good.

The prices were reasonable as well. I got a chocolate pastry

and a poppy twist.

Each pastry was $1.85. I had half of each one, and saved the rest for Chris. I preferred the chocolate pastry, and there was a bit of custard inside. The poppy twist was good for what it is, but it wasn’t doing a lot for me today. I should have gone with another sweet pastry. I definitely recommend Copenhagen Pastry, but it would do a lot more for me if there were tables to enjoy the treats and meet friends there. (I’m sure that would increase the prices though.)

I mentioned the food trucks earlier. We had Belly Bombz for dinner; we went with sliders and garlic thyme fries. Everything was delicious. We tried both the pork belly sliders and a special, which was a slider made from bacon and beef mixed into the patty. For dessert we got salted caramel gelato from Palazzolo. It was yummy. We felt great supporting them because they’re from Michigan, and there may even be a location in Fennville.

Have a great day!



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