Labor Day Weekend

Chris had Saturday and Sunday off this weekend, so we were excited for some time together. We thought that Saturday was a perfect day for staying in to watch college football and doing some potty training. Unfortunately, Clara’s bladder control isn’t quite there yet. She put in a great effort though!

We gave up on the potty training on Sunday morning, so after a visit from some friends, we decided to make a trip to Ventura. We drove the PCH up in order to see the beauty and give Clara a longer nap.

Once we arrived in Ventura, we just explored a bit. There was a nice park called Marina Park, but it was busy so we just did a drive through. Then we went to spend time downtown. There were a lot of cute shops and restaurants. Clara has a blast at We Olive. It was an olive oil tasting room, and they also had a lot of fun dips. I couldn’t think of a better place for a girl who loves dip with everything! She also enjoyed being chased by daddy at a nearby park.



We had dinner at Cafe Fiore. It was an interesting Italian restaurant and martini bar. The bread and dip before the meal was delicious, but the food was so-so.



We made a last minute decision to go to the beach, and Clara had a blast. Her and Chris played in the waves, with clothes on, and Clara kept asking for “more wa-wa!” (Translation: water.) After about 30 minutes, both Chris and Clara were soaked.









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