California Science Center

Today we went to the California Science Center with some friends from church. It was a rough morning and I almost backed out, but I’m glad we went. The Science Center is in Exposition Park, by USC’s campus. The area isn’t necessarily wonderful, but the park and immediate area were beautiful. It’s a ways away and parking is $10, so we took the train. We left from the Culver City station on Venice. It costs $1.50 each way for adults, and the kids are free. It was nerve wracking for me at first because public transit isn’t my thing, but it was actually really simple. The Science Center is free, so our morning only cost $11 for the center and Chick-fil-a lunch. Not too bad!

The Science Center had a lot of exhibits, including the Space Shuttle Endeavor. We had 7 kids age 3 and under though, so we were there 1.5 hours and focused on the activities for toddlers. There are 3 floors, and each floor has a section for kids 7 and under, with a sub-section 3 and under. (John Samuel was there for a while too, but he missed the fountain and Chick-fil-a pictures.) They all enjoyed those areas and the aquarium quite a bit. I’ll post some pictures to show you what we did, but you should check it out for yourself if you’re in LA.
















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