Clara, Ellie, The Airport, and Daikokuya

Chris had Saturday off this weekend; hooray! Chris had a 15 hour shift today; boo. We got to enjoy his day off at least! We ran some errands in the morning and checked The Container Store off my hypothetical LA bucket list. I enjoyed wandering around and getting ideas. We bought a few things, but nothing too exciting. This was also our first time at Century City mall. I’ll definitely go back, but wish parking was completely free.

After lunch, Ellie came over. Her parents went to a wedding this weekend, so we got her Sat-Sun afternoon. The girls had a blast, as they always do. After nap and a snack of grapes and Ellie’s walnuts, we decided to go to the Santa Monica Airport and watch the planes. Once we arrived and Clara was chanting “airplane,” we realized we had a problem. Our daughter has an allergy to walnuts, based on the hives all over her face. A trip to Rite-Aid was in order for Benadryl, but we got to go back. Soon we’ll get to see an allergist I’m sure.







After the airport, we went to get our first ramen. (Do not try this with 2 little ones, especially at a restaurant with only 1 high chair with a broken buckle and a buckle less booster!) Chris’s co-intern is Chinese, and she recommended DAIKOKUYA. The food was good, but even with the plastic bowls they brought for the girls, they were not set up for kids, as I mentioned before. We went to a location on Sawtelle, just south of Olympic, below PetSmart.

After dinner we played on the playground and got the tired girls to bed early. Today the 2 girls and I successfully made it to church, and they’re back to sleep. All weekend, Clara kept waking Ellie up earlier than Ellie was ready, but I was the only one who minded. We have a funny video of the two of them trying to nap together if you ever want to see it. Well, time for me to get a few more things done while they are still napping!




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