Project total reaches 3

I’m pretty proud of this last sewing project. It required a lot if piecing things together, which I’m usually afraid of. This is my friend Karri’s dress, the inspiration.



I adjusted the dress to fit me better, making the straps shorter and taking it in a little around the waistband. This dress will be great for late summer into fall. It will also be useful someday as a maternity and nursing dress. I’d like to offer a tutorial, but I just look at the construction of my model dress, and figure out how to replicate it the best I can. I cannot replicate the crochet on the back, so you’re welcome to make me some embellishments if you have those skills! After this project, I am curious to know how having an actual pattern would compare. I still think patterns aren’t my thing though, and not just because they cost money. The cost of this dress for me is roughly $5!



I look like a body builder in the last picture, but not in a good way.


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