The week of Clara & Ellie, and Hammer Museum Fun

Today has been a busy but fun day. We started with Sing&Play time at the Westside Family YMCA. We joined the Y last week because Clara would not go into the kid zone at our other gym. At least they’re more understanding at the Y, and there are more kids to play with. The free programs for kids are also a plus.

After the Y, we met Jason and Ellie at the Hammer Museum. This is an art museum, and is not just a display of objects to pound in nails as Jason joked. The Hammer Museum is free on Thursdays, and you can park there for $3 for 3 hours with validation. This is a really affordable way to explore Westwood, and next time we’ll check out the farmer’s market which is also on Thursdays. The museum was nice, but with 2 20-month olds, the art is not necessarily the focus. The girls loved playing in giant curtains on a terrace that overlooked Westwood. We’ll definitely go back!

After the museum, we grabbed a quick lunch at Panini Cafe just down the street. All four of us enjoyed lunch, and we got 20% off with a UCLA id.

I called this the week if Clara and Ellie for a reason. Although they only met a few weeks ago at baby yoga, they’ve become great friends. Chris and I really like her parents, so that helps their friendship! Last weekend we did a babysitting swap. They watched Clara Friday night so we could go to Thyme Cafe and a party. They had fun falling asleep in the same room! Clara was sad when we picked her up and she became conscious enough to know Ellie didn’t come too. We watched Ellie on Saturday night, and due to traffic issues, she spent the whole night. That was exciting for them to see each other in the morning. They parted ways for 30 minutes, but played again at church and a BBQ! We also met up for swimming and story time this week, and tonight they’ll see each other at our church community group. It’s a good thing they love each other, and that Jason can put up with seeing me so much!

I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures from all if their fun, and Chris and I at Thyme. Hopefully I’ll organize them later.













Learning for their future in doubles table tennis!


A naptime sewing project inspired by Ellie’s shirt.


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