Quick pants fix for your skinny kid!

For those of you who don’t know, Clara is not a chubby girl. She’s around the 85th percentile for height, but only the 20th of weight. We’ve always had a problem keeping her pants up, so I finally decided to find a fix other than rolling them over at the waist.

I’ve done 2 different things, and don’t have great pictures of either. Sorry! I hope the ideas are still helpful! I’m also on my phone, so it won’t let me choose where to put the pictures.

1. Non-adjustable method

You’ll need 3/4 inch elastic, scissors, 2 safety pins, fray check if desired, a sewing machine or needle, and thread that matches the pants.

Take the pants and look at the inside of the back waistband, by where the tag is. You will now make 2 vertical slits, wide enough to fit the elastic through, on only the innermost layer of fabric (leaving the original elastic or waistband intact). The slits will be located about 1/2 in from the side seams of the pants.

Fray check the slits and allow to dry if you are concerned that the fabric may fray.

Cut elastic to the length required to take in the waist. Attach a safety pin to both ends of the elastic. Attach one safety pin to the waistband, near a slit. Thread elastic through the waistband, bunching up the waistband as you go. Tuck both ends of the elastic inside the waistband, and pin both ends of elastic in place.

Now sew through the entire waistband, over the slits, to hold the elastic in place and the slits closed. I used a small zigzag stitch.

Try on your child’s pants that finally fit!


2. Adjustable method

You’ll need scissors, fray check if desired, 3/4 knit button elastic that’s available on Amazon, 2 buttons that fit the holes, 2 safety pins, a needle and thread that matches the pants.

This method starts the same as the non-adjustable method, making 2 slits in the innermost layer of fabric. I made mine about 1 inch from the side seams, but I’ve seen some pants that go all the way around to the front of the hips. It’s your call.

After you make the cuts, use the fray check and let it dry.

Sew a button just outside each slit.

Cut elastic a little longer than the distance between your slits, so it can hook on the buttons. Fray check the ends.

Thread your elastic through with the safety pins, and hook the elastic onto the buttons.

You’re done! This method can give you a lot of wear from your child’s clothes!







What Clara did when we asked if she could turn so we could see her butt.


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