At Pilates yesterday, my instructor mentioned a new chocolate bar a friend of hers opened, and it didn’t take me long to check it out! It’s called ChocoVivo, and is located at 12469 Washington Blvd in Culver City, just west of Centinela. (As a side note, Chris thinks Centinela is a fake road because it seems to stop and then pick up later a few times.) It is a bean-to-bar chocolate bar, meaning that the cocoa is stone ground, not over-processed, and contains only natural ingredients. Translation: it tastes good and is pretty good for you.

The interior of ChocoVivo is very fun, and it’s a personalized experience when you go in. We ordered 6 tasting bars for $5, and a sipping chocolate for $3.50. There are many flavors to choose from, and the drink is customized and made in front of you. My favorite bars were the almond and sea salt and hazelnut with sea salt. I didn’t try above 75% cocoa, but I brought Chris home a 85 and 100%. He enjoys the darker chocolate more than I do. I recommend that you check out this shop. A perk for me, it’s open until 9pm so you can go after dinner!




I couldn’t get better pictures because
Clara kept running into the kitchen and taking cocoa beans from the decorations. 🙂


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