Pink Eye Sunday

On Sunday, Clara’s eye was doing a lot better, but we still needed to minimize her contact with other kids so that meant no church and rescheduling a brunch date with some friends.  She slept in until 9:15, and we had a relaxing morning.  After breakfast, we headed to Greystone Mansion and Park in Beverly Hills.  (This was another date from our anniversary box, and we were a few months late checking it out.)  You’re not able to go into the mansion, but the grounds are beautiful and have a wonderful view looking out over the city.  Greystone Mansion is not a major hotspot, but I recommend checking it out when you want something new and free to do.  You can watch one of the many movies that filmed there beforehand, and see what you can recognize!  I apologize for the many pictures!


Possibly worst family picture?Image

Contemplating the beauty!Image

On the way home, we almost made a stop at a mall for lunch and to visit the Container Store, but we decided to save that trip for another day.  I will visit a Container Store sometime in the next few months though so I can stop commenting on them every time we drive by!  In lieu of that, we opted for 800 Degrees for pizza in Westwood.  Parking was a pain at first, but we ended up getting a street spot for $1/hour.  (That is much better than $2.50/15 minutes in the ramp we first tried!)  800 Degrees is an Italian pizza restaurant where you order Subway style, walking past the ingredients and telling them what you’d like.  It is very reasonably priced; we got 2 pizzas for $18.  We got a margherita with chicken and a bucca (butternut squash, caramelized onions, bacon, rosemary oil).  Both were very good, but the bacon was more smokey than I prefer.  Clara like the margherita better, although this was likely because it was deemed “mommy’s pizza.”  She has become a bit too much of a mommy’s girl.  I will go back to 800 Degrees, but it could be for 1 or 2 reasons: 1. the obviously delicious food 2. to hope for another compliment like when the girl waiting on me asked if I was an athlete because she thought I looked like a gymnast – I’ll take looking like a UCLA gymnast any day, as I assume any mom would!


After lunch it was time to head home for Clara’s nap.  Unfortunately, she had other plans which did not include napping.  By 5 o’clock we’d given up on napping and decided on a picnic in Malibu instead.  We packed up our couscous with blueberries, mangoes, cucumber, dried cranberries, feta, and walnuts with lemon basil dressing (see recipe in my previous post) and headed to Point Dume State Beach.  We ended up going a little north of the state beach where we could get free parking.  The view was beautiful, but Clara was not happy that we woke her up after she had finally fallen asleep in the car.  It was also windy and cool, so we didn’t stay for too long.


Clara awkwardly lounging on the diaper bag.Image

Clara’s yellow sandals filled with sand.  She has loved these shoes this summer!Image

Daddy’s shoes and the ocean added in!


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