Pink Eye Saturday

Clara had what we thought was a cold on Thursday and Friday, but she woke up with very red eyes on Saturday. It was really sad looking, but she was still her happy self. We wanted to avoid contact with other people, so we stayed home most of the day. In the evening, we decided to take a little road trip. After determining that the Ikea in Burbank is crazy since it’s in a mall, we went on a drive though Pasedena. I give Chris a box of dates, 1 for each month, for our anniversaries. Last month was to find a good cupcake shop. At 6:50 we decided to see if there was one in Pasedena. What we found was ConfeXion Cupcakes, and arrived 1 minute before closing. We’re glad we made the trip. In Michigan you don’t find 2 time Cupcake Wars champions and the “best cupcake in LA and Pasedena” by chance!

We had chocolate-chocolate, lemon, and a mini vanilla-vanilla for Clara. They were all great! I enjoyed the slightly crunchy frosting!





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