Main living area

Our main living area is less finished. We need to work on curtains (Chris needs to fashion a rod to fit the bay window), shelving in the dining room above the desk, and wall art. We also intend to purchase more substantial seating for by the window and touch up the dining chairs. Overall though, it’s very workable and gives Clara a large area to play. The table is also usually set up for a friend. 🙂 I’ll switch out the coral for fall and winter. I’m thinking red and/or dark purple.

We purchased the couch for this space, but everything else we’ve made do with what we had or found for free/really cheap. The 2 dark end tables were purchased for $6 total. The cream end table/file cabinet we grabbed from by the dumpster. People put things there when they move out. With a placemat and a magic eraser, it works great for now. I may refinish it and the tv stand eventually, but they’re not on the top of my list of priorities.









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