LA Restaurants!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything.  The last few weeks have been crazy, but good.  Clara and I traveled home to Michigan for my friend Laura’s bridal shower and bachelorette weekend.  We also got to spend a week with family, and Clara can now officially call all of her cousins by their name.  🙂  The twins just go by “babies”, but that’s to be expected right now I think!  She’s been learning so many new words; it’s adorable.  While the answer changes, and “puppy” has been requested over “sister”, she did clearly say that she’d rather have a “sister” than a “brother” some day.  

I have quiet a few projects and recipes to share, but for tonight I’ll focus on letting you know what Chris and I have felt about the new restaurants we’ve visited in LA.  I’m not one to take pictures of food at restaurants, but I’ll link to their websites and you can get a good feel from there.  Yelp also usually has pictures.  

Lyfe Kitchen 

Lyfe Kitchen is located on Washington Blvd in Culver City.  It is a restaurant whose focus is on fresh, healthy food that can be delivered to you quickly.  Every dish is under 600 calories, so it’s hard to make a bad choice!  It is a walk-up-to-order restaurant, but it definitely does not have that feel, other than the fact that most items cost less than $10!  Everything in the restaurant is clean and modern, and they have a friendly staff that is willing to help with whatever you need (like getting high chairs).  I ordered the fish tacos and a side of sweet potato fries (only because I was sharing with Clara of course, so then it doesn’t count as a bad choice I don’t think).  The fish tacos weren’t my favorite, but they were still fresh and pretty tasty.  They came with a side of kale salad, which was very enjoyable.  My friend Terah ordered a turkey burger if I remember correctly, and that looked good.  I will definitely go back, but likely try something else.  Next time I will save room to try the rhubarb quinoa crunch.  I’m not sure how I feel about the picture, but it sounds yummy!


Yang Chow 

Yang Chow is located in LA’s Chinatown.  One Sunday, Clara needed a nap, so we drove to explore Chinatown and get some good Chinese food.  On our trip, we learned that LA’s Chinatown doesn’t compare to SF’s, but we’re still glad we went to check it off of our hypothetical bucket list.  I don’t think that Yang Chow is very authentic, but we just went with Yelp reviews.  🙂  Everyone was raving about their Slippery Shrimp.  We didn’t know what Slippery Shrimp was, and the menu didn’t help much, but we decided to give it a try.  The dish was essentially fried shrimp, with a really good sweet sauce.  It was a lot like sweet and sour chicken, but much better.  I would recommend Yang Chow if you’re in the area, but I don’t know that I’d go too far out of my way to go again.  It was a bit pricey, but a large portion of food.


Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle Annex 

Tsujita’s Annex is located on Sawtelle, not far south of Santa Monica Blvd in a very cute strip of restaurants.  I think it caters quite a bit to UCLA students who reside nearby.  We decided to pick a restaurant in this area after we weren’t up for attending our Community Group since I spent last Thursday afternoon in the ED at UCLA.  I didn’t have anything seriously wrong, but I had a bug bite from a bike ride in Michigan that was looking suspicious and had a red streak up to my armpit.  Ignore the picture below if things easily ruin your appetite!

ImageAnyways, back to the restaurant.  It was an interesting experience for us since we haven’t had a lot of authentic Asian noodles.  The interior of the restaurant is quite small, so there are some chairs outside to wait.  While you’re waiting out there, they take your order, and you receive your food shortly after being seated inside.  Chris was still looking for parking with Clara when they came to take my order, so I had to make a decision.  Thankfully the menu has pictures and limited options!  I went with the Tsukemen with Char siu (pork) and a Char sui (pork bowl).  Their other specialty is Ramen, but the Ramen pictures didn’t seem as appetizing to me.  I’m sure they are very good though!  The three of us split a large portion and the bowl, and we had plenty.  Clara has been too preoccupied with other things at restaurants to eat lately, so that probably helps!  We enjoyed our noodle experience, and I even successfully consumed my meal with chopsticks!  They brought Clara her own little bowl and kiddy silverware and were quick to replace her fork after she threw it on the ground the first time.  The waiter offered the second time she did it, but we assured him that it would continue to happen and was not necessary.    After tip, I think we spent $25.


Samosa House 

Today we decided to have an afternoon and evening out as a family.  After a trip to Target and BB&B, we went to Samosa House (east) on Washington Blvd at Overland in Culver City.  I had suggested this restaurant on Thursday after reading about it somewhere, but Chris thought a Samosa was a smoothie and that he’d be disappointed when he wasn’t going there for smoothies.  The next day a co-worker was discussing what restaurants to visit, and Samosa House came up, so Chris decided to give it a try.  It was a Vegan Indian restaurant that is semi-cafeteria style.  Chris and I weren’t sure about the lack of meat, but we survived.  Clara on the other hand, kept asking for meat and was not accepting the vegetarian meat as a substitute.  We ordered a combination plate (rice, naan, and 3 different dishes), 2 samosas (I describe them as Indian calzones), and a mango lassie (essentially a smoothie, and what Chris was thinking of).  We got all of this for around $17.  The food was very good, but we would prefer real chicken.  🙂  After dinner we were going to head home, but I made a last minute decision to go get ice cream.  We went to Diddy Riese.


Diddy Riese 

Diddy Riese is a cookie and ice cream shop in Westwood, near UCLA’s campus.  They also have shaved ice, but I’m not a big fan so I can’t comment on that aspect.  There is always a line at Diddy Riese (even at 10am Chris said), but for good reason – you can create your own ice cream cookie sandwich for $1.75!  It is cash only, but that price includes taxes.  There are roughly 10 different cookie and 10 different ice cream choices.  Chris dropped me off so he didn’t have to park, which left me with the important responsibility of creating a tasty dessert.  Something I wouldn’t have done a few months ago was choose white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, but I have come around to them and paired it with vanilla ice cream.  I also ordered cookies and cream inside of chocolate chip with walnut cookies.  (Both combinations were wonderful!)  The problem with the scenario that played out was that I had 2 sandwiches (thankfully in bowls) and Chris was driving around campus.  It took me a while to find a place to sit, but when I did, it was behind the line of people waiting to go in.  I sat there, with 2 ice cream sandwiches (which they presumed were both for me) taking alternating bites out of them.  This was definitely a fat moment that ranked up there with Chris’s Sonic milkshake and cone experience; you can ask him about that next time you see him.  Eventually Chris came back, and he got to enjoy the cookie sandwiches as well.  Clara missed out this time, but I wasn’t about to tackle ice cream in the car with a 20-month old!


Phew.  That was a lot!  It seems like all we do it eat out!  We don’t!  We do enjoy trying new places though, and spending quality time together when Chris is not working.  I hope you can try someplace new off of this list.  If you don’t live in LA, keep track of where you want to go when you come visit us!



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