Los Angeles: Week 4

We’ve been in LA for a whole month now!  That makes us locals, right?  I’m not quite sure that’s a true statement, but I am feeling comfortable with daily life.  This was Chris’s first week treating patients.  For the most part, it went pretty well.  He worked on average 6:30-8 Monday – Friday, and successfully bike commuted.  Since Chris was busy all week, Clara and I had a lot of time to fill.

We started the week on Sunday with church and a BBQ at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center on UCLA’s campus.  It was a nice facility (that we can’t afford to use for any non-sponsored events), and we had fun getting to know some more new people in the psychiatry department.  There was also really good Mexican food.  I hear there’s a lot of that in southern Cal, but we’ve yet to explore it too much.  Clara enjoyed playing with the other children at the event, and her favorite game was roll/carry the watermelon.  Oh, watermelon are also wonderful to sit on apparently!


Once Chris was busy improving the psychiatric condition of geriatric patients in southern California, Clara and I did a lot of playing.  There are multiple playgrounds in our apartment complex, but there is one main playground with a large structure and slide.  We go there at least once a day, and it is a wonderful place to meet new friends and see “old” ones.  Everywhere we go, someone knows Clara.  I feel bad when I don’t remember names, and this feeling is compounded whenever “strangers” walk up to me saying “Hi Clara!”  I know that I will get better; I’ve just met so many people!  Clara also learned how to play ring-around-the-rosie, and she loves it!



I also got to enjoy some grown-up time this week.  My new friend Nicole enjoys planning gatherings (which means I’m not always the one doing it!), and I got to meet some of her other friends for frozen yogurt.  They were all very welcoming, and I’m thankful for being able to meet so many people so soon.  It’s been a very different experience for me having so many other young families around who are still in the educational process, and it has been living up to my expectations of creating a sense of community.

This week, Nicole and I split a produce box from South Central Farmers CSA.  For $17, we received a good variety of seasonal produce to learn how to use.  There wasn’t anything too crazy in there, but apparently neither Nicole nor I have ever used fennel because we couldn’t figure out what it was (not pictured unfortunately)!


During Clara’s naps this week, I was able to enjoy creating a few new recipes and working on some sewing projects.  I’ll share some of these soon!

Thankfully, Chris had the weekend off, and we had a wonderful day together on Saturday.  We went to Redondo Beach and checked out the Seaside Lagoon.  It was extremely crazy since it was a Saturday during a heat wave, but I can see how it is a fun place to take kids.  They have a waveless saltwater “lagoon” with a fountain to swim in.  They have a playground.  They also have a lot of sand to dig in.  What they did not have unfortunately were clean bathrooms.  Clara didn’t care about that though; she loved digging in the sand and splashing in the freezing cold water.


After the Seaside Lagoon, we drove through Palos Verdes.  It is a beautiful community that’s set up on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.  We love exploring new neighborhoods and places, so this was perfect for us.  Using Yelp for a dinner recommendation, we ended up at bashi.  It is a wonderful Asian inspired restaurant in a beautiful oceanfront resort, Terranea.  We definitely couldn’t afford to stay at this resort at this point in our lives, but the restaurant was very reasonably priced in a gorgeous setting.  We enjoyed half-priced happy hour sushi (my first raw fish sushi, and I enjoyed it) while overlooking the ocean on a cute patio.  We also had their steamed pork buns and crispy chicken wontons.  Everything was very good, and I’d definitely go back.


Well, that wraps up our first month in Los Angeles.  Our adventure has been exciting, and we look forward to learning more each week!  I’ll probably drop the weekly updates since the weeks will be less defined, but I’ll keep you updated on the new things we experience.  Expect more projects and recipes in the weeks to come.


2 thoughts on “Los Angeles: Week 4

  1. I have NEVER seen the seaside lagoon that busy – woooow!! You weren’t kidding – it looked like it was CRAZY!!! We will go in August when the older kids are back in school and it will be much much better =) And I am glad you explored Palos Verdes – truly a gorgeous community. Happy 1st month in LA =)

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