Blueberry Mint Sorbet

Last Friday, we had some new friends over for dinner.  Ben is an orthopedic surgery resident who we met at our move-in orientation.  His wife Terah and son John Samuel finally got to join him in LA last week, and John Samuel and Clara hit it off instantly!  Even though they didn’t last too long through dinner (which Chris didn’t get to enjoy with us again unfortunately), they played the xylophone together for a good 5 minutes and had fun with Clara’s other toys as well.  

We had a pork roast that I coated in fennel and cooked in the crock pot, with some couscous and a new roasted vegetable recipe (I threw in the veggies we had, but used the sauce from this recipe).  While dinner was enjoyable, the real hit was the blueberry mint sorbet I made, based on this recipe from Just a Pinch.  Don’t be concerned, it is really simple!  Sorry that there aren’t any pictures; a photo of empty tupperware would be sufficient though, since it didn’t last long.

Blueberry Mint Sorbet

  • 24 ounces frozen blueberries (to freeze your own, wash, dry, place on a cookie sheet, and freeze for a few hours at least)
  • 1 cup simple syrup – cooled if homemade (made simply by combining equal parts sugar and water and boiling them until the sugar is dissolved. 1 cup of each will yield 1 1/2 cup simple syrup.)
  • fresh mint to taste (the original recipe calls for 4 large mint leaves, but that meant little to me!)
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice, fresh if available

Insert the chopping blade into the large bowl of a food processor.  Put the blueberries, simple syrup, mint and lemon juice into the bowl.  Pulse the ingredients with long pulses 10 times.  Scrape the work bowl and then process for about 1 minute until smooth, scraping the sides occasionally to make sure everything is incorporated.  Savor your tastey treat!

Serve immediately or place in a covered container to be stored in the freezer.  I’m looking forward to trying new sorbet flavors this summer.  I saw one that incorporated cocoa into the simple syrup, and I see a strawberry cocoa sorbet with chocolate chunks in my near future!  




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