Los Angeles: Week 2

On June 8th, my parents got into LA with our other car.  We were very thankful that they were up for a cross-country road trip and wanted to see LA to know where we’d be living!  It saved us from having to ship the car.  Unfortunately, when we came home from church that day, at Cornerstone West LA (our new church home) Clara felt warm.  Long story short, she had come down with Roseola.  She had a fever of 104 for four days, and then she developed a rash.  This means that we found a pediatrician in LA rather quickly!  This is our sick daughter at the doctor. She looks sick, right?


Thankfully, Clara was still usually her happy self most of the time and let us show my parents around.

On Sunday afternoon, we drove through Beverly Hills and Hollywood, just to show them a few of the sights.  Monday was UCLA day, and then I showed them Culver City before we drove up to the Malibu Point in the evening.  Our trip to UCLA was mostly for fun, but we had to spend a significant amount of time getting me a Bruin Card for doing laundry.  What I learned, is that no one knows anything at UCLA, but thankfully we eventually got it figured out.  I was thrilled to be able to do laundry and not have to wait for the single machine that accepted quarters, and I think my parents felt better after seeing that we’d be safe!IMG_8113

Clara with my parents at UCLA Ronald Regan Hospital.  We impressed them with cafeteria food there.

On Tuesday, we had our fun doctors appointment and explored Venice and Santa Monica. We couldn’t do this, without the nourishment of donuts of course!  I haven’t done any research, but I could support some of the claim that Primo’s Donuts has had the best donuts in LA since 1956. Venice was an interesting experience, and my parents were not sure what to think at the boardwalk.  My dad even saw someone that he knew.  I thought that moving across country would have ended this phenomenon, but I was wrong!  We also found the Venice canals, and those were really interesting.  We felt like we were in an episode of House Hunters just walking around!  It’s a bunch of homes that are all connected by canals.  We found that they do have roads leading up to them as well, so they haven’t lost all practicality!




We also saw a 7 year old doing some awesome skateboarding!

My parents felt a bit more at home walking around Santa Monica.  My dad chose ZJ’s Boarding House for his t-shirt purchase of the trip.  For dinner we joined up with some of Chris’s classmates at the Food Truck Lot.  After going two weeks in a row, we’re practically regulars!


My mom and dad left on Wednesday, so we played it pretty low key.  We grabbed lunch in Manhattan Beach at BrewCo.  I think my parents will ask to go back to Manhattan Beach again.  It’s definitely their speed.

After my parents left, we worked on making our apartment feel more like home and helping Clara get better.  I also went to a community group with our church, right in our apartment complex!  It was nice to meet more Christians living right by us!  Our apartment complex has definitely been a blessing for getting to know other young families who are in a similar situation to us.

I tried some new recipes while my parents were here (and I’m proud of my dad for trying them all), and I think they were a success!  I’ll share those soon!


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