Los Angeles: Week 1

Sorry that it’s taken me a while to write anything! We’ve been busy getting organized and showing my parents around LA.

We arrived in LA on Friday, May 31st, but we didn’t get our things until Wednesday. That gave us some time to get situated. On Saturday, Jason Lawrence came over and he helped Chris paint the living room and bedrooms. Our apartment instantly felt more homey even though it was empty!

On Sunday we went to Westside Christian Fellowship. It seems to be a solid church and the people were very welcoming. Clara enjoyed playing in the nursery, as she does everywhere! I even went to a “Coffee Hour” with a few other moms on Wednesday. We spent the rest of Sunday getting a few things we needed (like a couch!) and exploring a bit. We found our couch in what Chris and I have deemed the furniture district. It’s a set of shops in Culver City that are in an old bakery. (Helms Bakery). It’s apparently called the Helms Bakery District. (http://helmsbakerydistrict.com/)

To be honest, I don’t remember what we did on Monday.

On Tuesday, Paul Hauser came over. It was good to hang out with him before he left for the summer. He hadn’t explored West LA much, so we were showing him around. It was strange since we’d only been here a few days! In the evening, we took him to the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot. (https://www.facebook.com/smfoodtrucklot) I’d seen this when we came to visit and apartment search, and I couldn’t wait too long to check it out. It was a lot of fun, and Clara made some new friends! She was sharing food and taking rides in everyone’s play cars even though she just met them. So much for not taking food from strangers!


Chris likes maps, so we decided that I may need to try to make some fun map dresses for Clara’s room like these we saw at Restoration Hardware Kids!ImageImageOur family at the food truck lot!

On Wednesday, Chris’s wonderful med school classmate Kian helped Chris unload our Uboxes into a truck and then bring it to our apartment and unload it all here. We definitely couldn’t have done it without him, and look forward to returning the favor later this week. It took a few days to get everything unpacked since it was just Chris and I, and Clara of course, but we found a place for everything (almost)! Clara loved unpacking her toys. Chris thinks that she had just come to terms with the fact that we got rid of all of her things, so she kept exclaiming “WOW” as we took more things out of boxes.

On Friday, David, one of Chris’s new colleagues came over. He helped Chris pick up our couch, and Clara warmed up to him right away. David is our friend Stephanie Karmo’s cousin, so Chris finds it humorous that he’ll be Stephanie’s 2nd favorite male psychiatry resident at UCLA!

By Saturday, Chris and I were sick of unpacking, so we headed to explore Manhattan Beach. We enjoyed our time there, and found a new go-to restaurant, Lemonade. (http://lemonadela.com/) It’s seasonal southern Californian comfort food. While I can’t explain that well, I know we enjoyed it and fed the 3 of us for $19 including a lemonade and 2 cupcakes!


Chris and Clara on the pier in Manhattan Beach. Please ignore Clara’s hands over her eyes. She thought that she should be taking the picture. Image

Thanks for enjoying our first week in Los Angeles with us!

We got all of this food from Lemonade for $12.50!


2 thoughts on “Los Angeles: Week 1

  1. Noelle just read along, and pointed and said “Clara!” Well, maybe it was “cara” but still…… have fun! –Rachel

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