Stop 5: Vail, CO and Green River, UT

After leaving Bailey, we drove through the mountains back to I-70. We were high enough up that there was snow on the ground next to us! It was also a nice route because it took us right through Breckenridge. We didn’t stop there because Clara was sleeping. Instead, we stopped in Vail. They were have a special restaurant weekend for Memorial Day, but we decided to stay low key and have a picnic in the middle of town.








There’s not a whole lot to write about in Green River, but I think they’re known for melons because there were signs for them all throughout town. Clara’s favorite part was again the remote (“re-re”) and TV in hotel room. I was excited because there was a Subway for dinner; unfortunately, everyone else in the state of Utah thought they should eat at the same Subway.  Chris found a sign in the bathroom very amusing.


We had a relaxing morning at the hotel and headed for Hurricane, UT and Zion National Park on Tuesday.


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