Los Angeles!

On Friday, May 31st we arrived in our new home.  We had orientation and officially got our keys to our apartment.  We even got our permits for both cars.  (2 spots weren’t guaranteed right away)  We also made a friend at orientation!  An orthopedic surgery resident was moving in, and his son (1 month younger than Clara) and wife will join him next month!  They seem very nice and are moving from Omaha.

After settling in, we made a trip to Costco for some cleaning supplies and essentials.  I haven’t detailed this much yet, but we’ve been having a hard time figuring out when our stuff will arrive via Ubox, and everyone at Uhaul knows who we are.  We’re not happy with them.  Everyone is nice, but no one can give us straight answers. 😦  The first night we “slept” on the floor, but thankfully Jason Lawrence brought us an air mattress on Saturday.  He also helped us get the living room and bedrooms painted.

On Sunday we went to Westside Christian Fellowship in Santa Monica for church, and we enjoyed getting to know more people there.  We might check out a few more places (let us know

if you have recommendations), but we’d be happy with the community there for sure!

Here are a few pictures of our empty 2 bed, 2 bath apartment.

IMG_8083 IMG_8084 IMG_8085 IMG_8087 IMG_8089


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