Stop 4: Bailey, CO

IMG_7979     IMG_7983 Mountains outside of Bailey.

After Denver, we headed on 285 to Bailey, CO. Bailey is about an hour outside of Denver and in the mountains; we passed the BMX national championship on our way there. Bailey was on our itinerary because Chris’s Uncle Tim and Aunt Le live there with their daughter, Tani, and their son, Adam. I had never met any of them since Chris hasn’t seen them in 20 years! They were more than willing to let us come stay with them though, and we had a wonderful time.


On Saturday we caught up quite a bit, had a great dinner, and watched Promiseland. On Sunday, Uncle Tim took Chris and I for a hike. I didn’t know that the hike would entail so much “bouldering,” but I survived and we had a great time.  The picture above might not show how far we climbed, but it was far!  Clara stayed home with Aunt Le and Tani, her new best friends. She also loved chasing their 3 mini poodles.


We ate some more great food, and enjoyed the rest of our time with family in CO. on Monday morning we packed up to leave. We were heading for exciting Green River, UT.



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