Stop 2: Omaha

After Kalamazoo, we drove overnight to Omaha and arrived around 4am on the 20th.  Clara was wonderful!  She didn’t even wake up when we stopped for gas!  Everyone was excited in the morning when Clara got to help wake up “ELLA” and “NEE” for school.  Ella and Nick are two of Clara’s favorite people, and also now two of her favorite “If you’re happy and you know it say _______” verses.  For anyone traveling with toddlers, we’ve found this song, with countless new verses including animal sounds and words you wonder how they pronounce, to be a live saver.  It will seriously occupy 15 minutes!

We didn’t do much on Monday, since we were all a little tired.  On Tuesday, Chris and I went out for our anniversary.  We had a great dinner at the Twisted Fork in Old Market, and then we looked for what kind of couch we’d like to buy at the Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Wednesday was a little rainy, but we decided to try the zoo anyways.  Thankfully the weather cooperated, and we had a lot of fun.  It was exciting to see Clara point and hear her  say “ah ah” as we walked up to monkeys!


These were pictures of Ella, Nick, and Clara on the way to the zoo.


Here is them having fun at the zoo. The Omaha zoo was really nice if you ever have the chance to visit!

By Thursday, Ella was done with school and Nick had his last half day of 8th grade.  We had lots of fun playing at the park with Ella and just spending time with everyone.


ImageImageImageIt was time for us to leave on Friday.  Clara apparently knew this and was willing to just cuddle on my lap and then on Uncle Don’s lap for a half hour.  If you know Clara well, you know that this doesn’t happen!  We left around 9 and headed for Colorado.  We were sad to go, but excited to continue on our way to Los Angeles!



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